Thursday, January 1, 2015

Where's Liz? 2014

Looking for Liz?
I've moved to a new blog for 2015. You can find me here:

Year-End Summary

So I took a little vacation from my year-long vacation and from blogging. Here's how I finished out the year. (I left out the doctor's appointments which aren't over yet, but just check-ups and tests….boring stuff) 
I have been enjoying my sunrises at the campground in McIntosh, FL.
I did some renovations in the RV. This is the kitchen area before:
And after:
New dinette cushions and blinds, paint and smart-tiles on the walls.
 A little kayaking...
 A little Christmas decorating, lol.
 Spent some time with the grandkids.
 Johnna is very serious about her chicken.
 Had a great time seeing relatives at the family reunion at my daughter's house.

Got a new camera.
 And played with its zoom and special effects around town.

Happy New Year! I have started a new blog for 2015: