Friday, December 27, 2013

Camping on the Beach

A few more pictures from Ensenada...we rode with Mitch to town. They cater to the Americanos. There was McDonald's, right next to Walmart.
 No pesos for Mitch...she forgot to bring her ATM card to the ATM machine!
 This is where we bought our internet sticks, so I can do this blog from rather remote places.
 On the road to La Bufadora we pass these big circular thingies...perhaps a holding place for freshly caught fish? Many boats were in attendance too.
 We went out for lunch at Panchos in La Bufadora.
 Liz, Mitch, Tina, Beth
 Tacos Pescado was on the menu. (Fish tacos)
 One more sunset at Campo Cinco.
 Much of the road to San Quintin was under construction...reminded me of driving to Alaska.
 And the road to our campground was not much fun either.
 But we all decided it was worth the effort when we got there.
 Thistle checking out the beach.
 Lots of sand dollars on this beach.
 Who walks on the beach?

All the puppers were happy. 

Birds large and small.
Peaches enjoyed chasing them.

People walking barefoot...


Soldiers on patrol
There will be a lot of dog walking going on.
And then came the dolphins...close to shore.
 Beth photographing the dolphins. She probably got better pictures...she was closer.
 The birds were following them, and sharing in the meal.
 And then there was another sunset.
 Mitch and Tina enjoyed a campfire.
 We'll be here at least one more day.

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  1. It seems like Mexico is doing a tremendous amount of construction on roads right now.
    Every day we managed to drive somewhere there is road construction. There is a saying here - Just remember it "T I M" = this is Mexico - explains a lot of things and that is why you are here.


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