Sunday, February 9, 2014

La Laguna (Lagoon) de San Ignacio

We stayed 4 nights at Los Petates campground next to the lagoon in San Ignacio. The first afternoon we walked to town and visited the museum and mission. The next day we went on the cave painting tour.
The rest of the time we enjoyed kayaking and birding in the lagoon.
 Thistle's watching the Coots.
The lagoon early on a misty morning with the Tres Virgenes volcano in the distance.
The lagoon is about 2 kilometers long....a nice calm float. Comorants lined up on this log. 
 Passing by another campground with access to the lagoon.
The lagoon is lined with date palms along both banks. The dates are ripe and falling to the ground.
 That's a White Pelican leading the way.
 Two juvenile Brown Pelicans with their Cormorant buddy....aren't they cute?
 Mouth exercises...

Green Heron

 White Pelican
Ruddy Duck
 Western Grebe
 Lesser Scaup
All in a row...
 Horses followed us along the banks...
 Double Crested Cormorant showing off his white crests.
 Ring-necked Ducks
 Great Egret
 Black-crowned Night Heron

The lagoon narrowed and became impassable at the end. 
Cliffs along one side of the lagoon.
 It cost about $6.50 US to camp here. Not bad...
We have now crossed back into Northern Baja at Guerrero Negro and are back on Pacific Coast time. 

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