Friday, March 14, 2014

Searching for the Spotted Owl at Miller Canyon

Birdie took me to Miller Canyon south of Sierra Vista, AZ to look for a Spotted Owl that has been seen there.
 We are close to the Mexican border here, and I guess illegals use the trails here to cross the mountains into the US.
 Border Patrol's "eye in the sky."
 The Huachuca Mountains in the Coronado National Forest.
 We access the trail through private land on a Guest Ranch. The owner is helping to create habitat for the endangered Leopard Frog.
 Leopard Frogs
 Guinea Fowl on the ranch...better than watch dogs. The owner came out to greet us when he heard them. He described two places where the Spotted Owl has been seen in the last two days.
 The Beatty Family Ranch. In the foreground are newly planted apple trees. The original orchard was destroyed by recent fire and subsequent flooding.
A few of the old trees survived and are blooming. 
Birdie starting up the trail.
 This way to the Spotted Owl
 Not an owl, but a Spotted Towhee.
 White-breasted Nuthatch
 Flooding has washed out parts of the trail.
 Birdie says this is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
 Lots of erosion from the floods.
 On the trail.
 THe Spotted Owl was last seen in a tree near "Split Rock."
Birdie looked,
 I looked,
Do you see him?
We didn't either, so we continued up the trail until we got tired.
 Mining used to take place in this canyon.
 Rusty mine bucket down there.
 So we didn't find the Spotted Owl, but we saw some other birds and had a great hike.

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