Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fay Canyon Hike

We asked our Pink Jeep driver for suggestions about hiking trails, and he recommended the trail into Fay Canyon. A little less traveled and off the beaten path. To get there you take Dry Creek Road off 89A.
 Then you turn onto Boynton Pass Road.
 Fay Canyon is across the street from the parking area. Two other trails lead from here in the other direction. So many hikes, so little time.
 I wonder if it's possible to get bored with red rock formations. I didn't in the time I was here.
 Fay Canyon
 This was another fairly level trail, and no creeks to cross.
 Don't know what this little flower is.
 But it made a pretty ground cover along the first part of the trail.

 As we entered the trees we began to hear more birds.
 So Birdie started doing what she does best.
 Red Rock formations.
 Trees take root where ever they can along the ledges.

 I like the little tree growing on top of the hoodoo.
 When she's birding I like for Birdie to go first. I don't hear the birds like she does and tend to scare them away.

 So we have a lot of Birdie butt shots, lol.

 End of the maintained trail.
 We stopped for lunch and watched the little critters.
 Birdie knew what kind of butterfly this is, but I forgot.
 Didn't even notice the tiny blue butterfly when I took this picture.

 We watched two lizards, one pursuing the other.
 This lizard was regenerating a lost tail.
 He was doing some impressive pushups. Don't know if this was a mating ritual, or an aggressive/defensive thing.

 Like West Fork, you can hike beyond the maintained trail if you want. We didn't as it involved scrambling over big boulders.
 WE noticed this arch that we missed on the way in.
 Another pretty butterfly.
 Flycatcher...don't know what kind.
 Bushtit that kept hopping around in the bush, so a blurry picture.
 Back to the parking lot.
 We stopped in Sedona at this shopping center at Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. We deserved it.
And so ends our tour of Sedona for this trip. We'll be spending a week at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon starting tomorrow. Probably won't have internet or phone service while there.


  1. Have been to Sedona many times and never get tired of shooting the red rock landscapes. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The close-ups are every bit as good as the shots of the rock vistas. Loved the butterflies. Birdie's hearing and vision for birding is absolutely amazing. I never hear what she hears from a distance either.


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