Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oregon Get-togethers

There were two more get-togethers in Oregon before I had to leave. One was with a group of fellow women RVers at Seven Feathers Resort in Canyonville. These are our on the left, Birdie on the right, and across the street, Laura and Karen.
 Two sites down was another Karen, who calls herself K2 on our forum.
Nikki was on the far end of the campground, but we got to see her RV during our rig tour. She walked or caught a ride to join us in our group.
The "official" group photo: K2, Nikki, Karen, Laura, Birdie, me.
One day we all went to the Wildlife safari in Roseburg.
It was a lot of fun because most of the animals were quite active.
Five continents were represented...

 Black swan
African Lions...see the one looking up? 
She's got her eye on the meaty ribs hanging there.
 But I guess she has to wait until he has his fill.
No one in our group wanted to take a camel ride.
 So I just took a butt shot.
 The flamingoes were dancing.
 Really it was the males who were putting on a display for the females.
The females were busy getting the nests ready.
And there were other pretty birds...

The Safari covers many acres, giving the animals plenty of habitat. Many roam free, and it is we who are in cages (cars).
 Two hippos were dueling in a pond.

 Until one calls uncle, and they both fall in.
 Then they come back up and do it again.

Little Africa

 Watusi Cattle
 It must be so hard to lay your head down and get comfortable with those horns.
 Gemsbok, I think.
 Brown bear, eating a backbone of something.
 Will he share?
 Uh, no...
A colorful bear. 
A small herd of bison.
 The hippos were out of the water when we went back by.
The elephant wants some leaves from the top of the tree, but he can't reach them. What does he do?
 One foot,
 Two feet,
 And stretch.
 A few animals were beggars and we had to roll up the windows when they came too close.
 There were many, many more, but can't show them all.
Because we had to get back for the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet! 
Another night we BBQed hamburgers,
 Rhubarb pie
 karen's concoction

On Saturday, Birdie and I drove to Bandon to get together with my cousin John and his wife Joan. Our mail had been forwarded there, so we got that, but also got treated to a Dungeoness crab lunch and a tour of Bandon. L to R: Joan, me, John.
A drive through the old town...
 We visited the Coquille River Lighthouse, circa 1896.

 These men were crabbing. They already dropped in their baited traps. Now they're waiting.

 We went to the top.
 But the lens was removed by the Coast Guard in 1939, and the windows were no good pics up there.
Jetty Beach
 People enjoy walking among the huge rock formations.
 Table Rock
This and other offshore rocks provide nesting sites for seabirds. We saw cormorants, murres, and seagulls. There are puffins out there too, but couldn't see them.
 There are many places to walk above and on the beaches.

 Elephant Rock...can you see his ears and trunk?
Someone made this formation famous by calling it the Sorcerer's Hat.
About the seabirds.

More views. We were lucky we had such a clear day. This area is often shrouded in fog.

John pointed out this distant point which is the westernmost point in the contiguous United States.
I kept looking for the "face" in Face Rock.
Didn't see it until I put the photos on the computer. I was looking for a face looking at me, not looking up at the sky to the right....duh!
There's always going to be somebody that has to climb and get close to the edge.

It was a great day in Bandon and a great get-together in Canyonville, but time for me to turn east. I went back to Gloria's in Bend for one night before leaving Oregon.
Learned a little history at this rest area beside the Snake River.
Then I drove on OR 20 as it followed the Snake River into Idaho.
Last night in Oregon at a county park. I'm out of the mountains, away from the coast, and it's 100 degrees hot! Good thing I had electric hook-ups and AC here.

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  1. What a wonderful post Liz. Loved your photos of the ladies, the animals, and the scenery. Hope you have a smooth journey east.


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