Sunday, May 25, 2014

3 Short Hikes

There's a short trail from the Visitor Center to an ancient Pueblo ruin.
It starts out by the parking lot,
Past the Shuttle Bus parking area,
to the top of a small mesa. Pueblan pottery and other artifacts have been found here as well as the ruins of what has been determined to be a building used for food storage.
Site of the Pueblan ruin.
All that's recognizable are the foundation stones.
It looked like there might be more on that higher mesa...the trail appeared to continue up there, so we did too.
We had a good view of Watchman Campground.
Where we saw two people moving a tent.
A different kind of mobile home.
Birdie coming up the second trail.
A view of the maintenance yard, and a garden for growing native plants for restoration purposes.
We didn't find any more archeological sites up here.
But we could see the shuttles where they fuel up with propane.
Maybe a Costa's Hummingbird?
This Mule Deer is growing uneven antlers.
Next we hopped the shuttle to the short trail to Weeping Rock.

The trail leads up there.
It's a paved trail.
Weeping Rock
In addition to the weeping, a light rain was starting to fall.

The view from Weeping Rock.
Yellow Colombine

Maidenhair Fern
Our next stop was the Court of the Patriarchs: named for Abraham (left), Isaac (middle) and Jacob (right behind the red Mt. Moroni)
There is a short walk to this viewpoint.
There were rock climbers on Mt. Moroni

They may have been two women, but hard to tell.

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