Sunday, May 18, 2014

Virgin River Gorge Recreation Area, AZ

We stopped for 3 nights at the Virgin River Gorge BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Recreation area in NW Arizona on our way to Zion National Park.
Nice developed campground right off I-15 with large paved sites. Mine overlooks the Virgin River.
This is Birdie's site. $4 a night, but we had to run the generator some since it was hot in the afternoons.
Thistle would like to show you around.
Let's go down by the river!
 There's a trail. Watch out you don't get stickers in your paws.
 This trail follows the river into the gorge.
 The Desert Willows are in full bloom.
 Take time to stop and smell them, but don't pee on them.
They look like little orchids.
 The trail leads to the river...
 Oops...and you have to cross it.
 It continues over there on the other side.
 Lots of critters walk around here.

 I don't really like to swim or get my feet wet, so I suggest we follow this dry streambed instead of crossing the river, ok?
 There's lots to see here too.

 I don't know why no one wanted to follow me up this bank. 
 Lots of good trails to follow.
 I see a rabbit! Left of the trail ahead.
 Uh oh, the rabbit sees me...exit right.
 Bye, Desert Cottontail.
 There are other trails that lead to the river.
The water tastes good, and it cools your feet if you're careful not to go too deep.
 You can also get good views of the river from the day use area.
 I really liked this place....except for the stickers.
God sure made some beautiful places, didn't He?


  1. Thank you Thistle for the great tour! Hope you did not get stickers !

  2. The desert willow blooms are beautiful and do indeed look like orchids. Looks like you had the place to yourselves.


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