Friday, May 30, 2014

Watchman Trail, Zion NP

This is the last post from Zion National Park. Here's the description of the Watchman Trail:
The trail begins across from the Visitor Center.
The sun was just peeking over the mountains.
Split rock
We passed a group on a Ranger led hike.
Views of the trail:
Hikers ahead on the switchbacks.
From a distance, these stone reinforcements blend right in with the rest of the rocks.
A few steps here and there.
Looking back at the view from part-way up.

Danger below

Black-headed Grosbeak
View from the trail
The trail comes out on top of a mesa with great views all around. The pointed mountain is The Watchman.
There is a loop trail around the top of the mesa.
This side looks down on the campground and up Zion Canyon.
Looking back on the trail we came up.
On the other side you can see the town of Springdale.
And a good view of The watchman.

A snaky-looking tree root.

A little flora: cactus blooms
And fauna: Desert Whiptail
Back down in the canyon it was getting very hot...high 90s. Time to get in the river or leave for cooler climes. We left...heading north to higher, cooler places.
But we had a great time exploring Zion, and left several trails not hiked.

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