Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kolob Terrace Road to Lava Point

One of my RVing friends, Janice, from St. George, UT, joined us for a day trip to another lesser-known part of Zion national Park.
Kolob Terrace Road starts in the town of Virgin and climbs north steeply from desert washes into the aspen-covered plateaus of the higher elevations of the park.
 Janice volunteered to drive us in her new Honda CRV. I didn't find out until afterwards that she wasn't comfortable driving the steep and winding roads. It was a smooth ride, and I never would have guessed.
 Wide green plateaus surrounded by red rock formations.
 Farmland on the high terraces.
 We stopped for this panoramic view.
 Janice and Birdie taking in the view.
 Checkerboard rock formations.
 Large groves of aspen...I'll bet it's especially scenic here in the fall.
 The larger of two reservoirs...thinking about kayaking...
 More aspens
 Birdie spotted this mini-waterfall at one of our stops.
 Yellow-bellied Marmot. We saw a few of these by the road.
 The road goes in and out of the National Park, sometimes through private land. This is the gravel road to Lava Point Lookout.
 After a picnic lunch, we took in the the views from Lava Point of the Colorado Plateau.
 Me, Janice, Birdie
 Looking down on Zion Canyon, a view many visitors don't get. 

 There is a short trail to the campground and restroom here. (It seemed long since we needed the restroom.)
 Birdie did what she does best, and spotted this Western Tanager.
 He posed nicely for us.
 Another reservoir.
 Views on the way back down...

 It was a fun day, and Janice plans to come play with us again next week.

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