Monday, September 1, 2014

August with my Sister

I left Beth in Keystone, SD and made a quick trip east to my sister's house in Massachusetts. I did get to visit a few more RVing sisters along the way. Pat in eastern SD:
Also Carol and Bill in Indiana, but have no pictures from there...must have deleted them from my phone. This is one of the campgrounds I stopped at along the way.
Found some good spots, but no time for kayaking.
I took some scenic roads as well as Interstates.
RVing friend Donna came out to play with me in Pennsylvania.
We visited Pymatuning State Park.
There was a big event going on across the water.
We might have gone, but the "cannon" fire was scaring the dogs.
My niece, Becky and her husband, Mike were generous to allow me to park the RV in their yard and connect to electricity for a month. I stayed at my sister's in her guest room. This is Linda and Becky walking dogs on Becky's property. Linda is recovering well from her broken hip and walking better and better.
I introduced her to Wii Fit exercises to improve her strength and balance.
We ate well, indulging in lobster several times.
An ol New England favorite, Indian Pudding.
One outing was to King Richard's Faire...modeled after Medieval times.
There were costumed workers as well as attendees.
Shows....this is the Mud Show.
King Richard made an appearance at the Jousting Tournament.
Jousting was fun to watch.
The victor! But there was to be a rematch the death, they said. We didn't stay that late.
And of course there was Faire food.
Tonight I am back in my RV at Becky's in preparation for getting on the road tomorrow. I have really enjoyed this time with Linda, but I'm sure she'll be happy to have her house back without a barking Thistle, and Becky and Mike will be happy to have their driveway back too.
 I will be making my way slowly southward to Florida for the winter. First stop will be in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts for some exploring of historical places, hiking, and maybe getting the kayoo wet. Never did put in this pretty pond right across the road from Becky's.

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