Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mohawk Trail State Forest

THe Mohawk Trail is a scenic route across Massachusetts along Rte 2, a pleasant alternative to the Ma$$ Turnpike. It was once known as the "Shunpike!"
I stayed 3 nights at Mohawk Trail State Forest campground to do some hiking and touring in the area.
First a hike to Indian Lookout.
 This was not a hike for the faint of heart, although it started out innocently.
Then it abruptly turned straight up the mountain, 
 without benefit of gentle switchbacks.
 We had to scramble up over large rocks…giant steps.
 My thighs were burning...
I haven't hiked like this in over a month.
 Not there yet...
 Getting close.
 We made it, but we'll pay for it tomorrow. 
 The view here will be gorgeous in a few more weeks when fall colors are at their flaming peak.
 Thistle and I shared an apple and some water.
 The rest of our walks were in the campground. This loop is a "car-free" loop to protect the great white pines.
 One couple is camping there…came on bikes.
 Tall white pines.
 These two trees are growing from a single trunk at the base.
 The roots of these trees are growing UP over the bank.

 White pine grove and tent campground.
 The next day, as our legs were hurting, we took a drive. This monument honors the many Native American tribes. The statue is called, "Hail to the Sunrise."
 Plaques represent the various Native tribes.

 We took a back road through the forest and came across a nice kayaking pond.
 We had it all to ourselves.

 Approaching the other end I could hear rushing water…like a waterfall.
 Through the trees I could see it...
 flowing into the pond.
 A Great Blue Heron

 Lilies were blooming.

 Huge boulders left here during the glacial age.

 Reflections of trees turning color...

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