Monday, September 29, 2014

Sherando Lake, Virginia

Sherando Lake is located just off the north end of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Washington National Forest. The campground has electric hook-ups.
 There are two lakes. This smaller one is Upper Sherando Lake. There is a hiking trail around the lake.
 Lower Sherando Lake is larger and is where I put the kayak in.
The previous camper left a campfire going in my fire pit, so I took advantage of the glowing coals to cook my dinner.
 The leaves are changing here….one branch at a time.
 And the acorns falling sounded like gunshots on the roof of the RV.

 Thistle and I hiked several trails.

The CCC built several buildings and shelters here. This is the visitor center.
And beautiful sturdy furniture too.
Time to launch the kayoo.
 It was early in the morning and we were alone on the lake.
 Well, not quite alone. This Green Heron just caught a frog.
 What else did we see?

 At the end of the lake is an earthen dam.
 A small island...
A sandy swimming beach.
 And blue, blue water...
I was here 3 days, then moved up on the Blue Ridge.

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  1. Beautiful spot. You are so good at picking great spots to stay. Looks like Thistle likes hiking and kayooing just as much as you do.


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