Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Otter Creek, Blue Ridge Parkway, VA

After leaving Sherando Lake I drove south on the Blue Ridge Parkway to my next campground, Otter Creek. I stopped at a couple of overlooks to take a short hiking trail.
Lava flow...
Another flaming branch...
I thought this was interesting. I can't imagine sending slaves up here in mid-winter just to keep them busy.
Remnants of a "hog-wall."
More of the lava rock.

View from the trail.
The CCC did some amazing work in their time.
The second stop and trail led to a section of an old logging railroad.
Narrow-gauge railway used for logging.
Another trail leads above the tracks to a small waterfall. Not much water falling right now.
But enough for Thistle to get a drink.

View from another stop.

Raptor flying by…perhaps on migration.
Otter Creek Campground. I was the only camper in the RV loop. There were 3 tenters in the other loop.
There are trails along the creek, around a small lake, and to an old canal lock along the James River.
Otter Creek
The trail goes under the Parkway.
The James River
The old canal lock.

Otter Lake
Loop Trail
Some flooded areas along the trail.
Colorful fungi.
A solitary pair of Canada Geese. Looks like they missed their flight south with the flock.
Gray Catbird
Water over the dam...
Crossing Otter Creek
Another view of the lake and dam.
Next…a day trip to a special place.


  1. Beautiful picture with the clouds reflecting in the water.

  2. I agree with Jennifer. Another great place for a visit.


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