Sunday, June 22, 2014

Diamond Lake, Oregon

On the way to Diamond Lake we passed another beautiful lake, Upper Klamath Lake,  with Mt. Mcloughlin reflected in it.
 But our view from Thielson View Campground was equally as grand. 
 We stayed 4 nights and enjoyed the kayaking.
 Stellar's Jay
 A swarm of Blue Damselflies
 There is an accessible, paved hiking/biking trail all the way around the lake.

 I loved the tall trees, except when they shaded my solar panel.
 Crater Lake National Park is just 12 miles from here, so we did a day trip. Birdie had never been there before.
 Wizard Island 
 It was cold there.
 Still lots of snow. The Rim Drive is not yet open on the east side.
 Workers are stabilizing an area of recent rockslide. One lane of the road was closed, causing 30 minute traffic delays.
 The crater formed when 12,000 ft. Mt. Mazama erupted 7,700 years ago.
The event is estimated to have ejected about 50 times the amount of airborne ash as Mt. Saint Helens 1980 eruption.
 These pyroclastic flows dramatically changed the landscape for miles around.
 Including causing the formation of Diamond Lake that we are so enjoying now.
 Saturday's chilly wind and choppy water shortened our float time.
 But Sunday was warmer, and the water was calmer. We saw Mergansers...
 And a stunning double ring around the sun.
 Mt Bailey in the background is a younger, sleeping volcano.
 Birdie says this is a baby Brewer's Blackbird.
Birdie was practicing in my kayoo, while she waits for hers to be built and shipped to her.
 We saw a Bald Eagle.
 And an Osprey.
 I think Birdie has the hang of it.
 And now she's showing off...leaving me paddling her inflatable in her wake.
Moving on to Bend tomorrow, where Birdie will be buying new coach batteries and getting fitted with a kayak rack on her car. I'll be getting the RV serviced for its upcoming cross-country trek. Plans have changed, and I'll soon be headed to Massachusetts to spend time with my sister who is recuperating from a fall and broken hip.


  1. What a beautiful place to camp. Love the pictures.

  2. I needed this post with the pics last week when I was teaching volcanoes! Beautiful there!

    1. Sorry I was late. Next time you'll have to send me your lesson plans in advance, lol.


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