Friday, June 27, 2014

Elk Lake Loop, Oregon

It was an on-again, off-again rainy day. When we arrived at our planned campground at Sparks Lake, 9 out of 10 campsites were taken, and the campground was very wet and muddy. So we continued on a little farther and ended up at Elk Lake Campground...a much nicer National Forest campground. We will take the kayaks on a day trip to Sparks Lake when the weather is nicer, probably Sunday.
Since the weather was iffy, we decided to take a driving tour on the Elk Lake Loop Road. Our campground is #2 on the map. We stopped to check out Hosmer Lake too, since our campground host recommended it for kayaking.
Elk Lake Loop is a nicely maintained gravel road.
Hosner Lake. We found out there will be a Naturalist-led kayak tour tomorrow morning. We decided to go if it is not stormy in the morning. 
This historic Guard Station is on the loop road.
Volunteers take turns living here and sharing the history and other information about the Cascade Lakes district with visitors. The stove/heater doesn't work, she says, and it's quite chilly in there.
 Note the indoor plumbing at the kitchen sink.
We stopped at the overlook at Devil's lake to read the signs. Apparently South Sister Volcano has begun to show slow growth.
Then we hiked a short trail along Devil's Lake. Note the landscape of volcanic rock.
 Thistle looks over the lake.
Tent camping only along the lake....nice sites though. The lake is 30 acres and only 9 feet deep. 
Where's Thistle? Good thing he has a red leash.
 Back at Elk Lake, checking out the boat ramp.
 A Bufflehead was swimming and diving offshore.
That was our day, and it's raining again. Supposed to be a little better tomorrow, and then nice the next few days.

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