Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kayaking Navajo Lake

We saw Navajo Lake from an overlook on our way to Bryce. We decided to come back and stay a few days to get some kayaking time. I told Birdie to try out my kayoo. 
 It didn't take her long to figure out she wanted one, and now has one ordered. They will deliver it to her in Oregon.
 Our sites in the National Forest campground. Dixie National Forest
 View during one of Thistle's walks.
 There are hiking trails above the campground.
 The Navajo Loop trail circles the lake. W walked on part of it. The Aspens grow very tall here.
 The only negative is the dusty road to get here.
 Thistle got to ride twice.
 Mountain Bluebirds in the campground.
 Thistle looking at the lake.
 Trucks go by too fast and stir up the dust on the road.
 Uinta Chipmunk...Thistle liked watching these.
Sunsets were ok, but not spectacular colors.
Western Grebes on the lake.
 Saw a pair of bald eagles one morning.
 Thistle was with me.
 Mornings were best for kayaking before the winds picked up during the day.
 This Osprey just caught a big fish.
 Osprey with his catch.
 Lots of Ravens
 Across from the campground.
 The eagles were perched in tall dead trees here.

Can you find them both?

 Thistle sleeps through most of the ride.
 A pair of Broad-tailed Hummingbirds come to my window feeder.
 Birdie in her kayak, but trying my longer paddle.
 Western grebes

 It was a tough 4 days with no internet, but we managed to fill the time.

 Walks along the shore.

 One morning there were Mule deer across the lake.
 One buck has a large rack....still in velvet.

 A group of Eared Grebes
 Eared Grebes
 Just a bubble reflection.
 Lots of Mallard Ducks.
 The male Mallards are so colorful.
 Some more Eared Grebes

 Boat ramp at the other end of the lake. Fishing is popular here...Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout.
 A pair of Black-necked Stilts
 We had our last paddle this morning. Tomorrow we move on...but there are more lakes along our route when we get to Oregon.

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