Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sparks Lake Hiking Trail, OR

A few interesting facts about Sparks Lake:

The trail is paved and barrier-free to a viewpoint.
We can see kayakers on the lake. We will come back tomorrow to do that when the weather should be clear and warmer.
Thistle posing (NOT) from atop the lava.
Another way to enjoy the lake...SUP (Stand-up Paddleboarding)
Not sure if Thistle would like this sport.
Viewpoint view...still some clouds
Lava formations
The rest of the trail is not barrier-free.

Clark's Nutcracker

I can see lots of places to explore by kayak.

Walking through the lava flow.
She follows me everywhere!
Canyons and fjords

Many fingers to paddle
You can hike through one of the canyons.
So we did...

Until it became impassable.
Cold in the canyons...still snow in some places. post.

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