Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Birds of Loreto

Beth and I spent most of today birding. We started right in the campground where all the flowers and trees attract many birds. I'll label the birds with my best guess, and all you birders can have fun figuring out if I'm right or not.
I refer you to Beth's blog for a better picture of the hummingbird. Not sure what kind, but I'll guess maybe Anna's.

Hooded Oriole, a new one for me.
Perhaps a female Hooded Oriole?
Gila Woodpecker, another new one.
I have no idea!
Four pairs of these Monk Parakeets were perched on the power lines in town. They are sometimes called Quaker Parakeets.
We walked south of town where a large wash crosses the road. You can see the Sierra de la Giganta mountains to the west.
Looking east across the wash is Estero Las Garzas, Herons Estuary.
Right away we see two herons. 
The guy on the right is a Yellow-crowned Night Heron.
And on the left a goofy Tri-colored Heron. 
A pair of American Coots 
The estuary is a busy place. The white birds are Snowy Egrets. 
 A plover, perhaps a Semipalmated Plover.
Oops, there's the Yellow-crowned Night Heron again. 
This white Rock Pigeon was in someone's yard. 
We walked down this street to get closer to the estuary.
A house finch? 
 Some kind of Godwit, probably Marbled.
 White-faced Ibis
 Marbled Godwit.
Great Egret 
Great Egret in flight. 
Looking across the estuary.
Royal Terns 
Marbled Godwit in flight. 
I looked at all the sandpipers; then I looked at all the plovers...leaning towards the plover.
Turkey Vultures 
View looking south toward the Parque National Bahia de Loreto...a National Marine Park.
Willet in flight.
Beth, taking pictures. Be sure to check out her blog too. The link is at the side. 
Magnificent Frigatebird 
The National park where we will all take an island tour and snorkeling excursion tomorrow. 
 Greater Yellowlegs and that little plover-ish bird.
Yellowlegs taking a vigorous bath. 

Blue-footed Booby doing a fly-by. 
Semipalmated Plover
Heading back to town, with the mountains in the background.
It's not a wild bird, but it is a bird of Loreto. 
Back across the dry wash. 
Our pretty white dove (Rock Pigeon) is still posing for us.
Check out the other blogs to see what else was found to see and do in Loreto.

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