Friday, January 31, 2014

Kayaking and Hiking at El Requeson

Two more pictures from before leaving Santispac. Stand-up paddleboarding is a popular sport here....even for this dog.
 The night before we said good-bye to Tina and Mitch we were invited by our camping neighbors and new Canadian friends to share their fresh-dug clams. I cooked a turkey breast and fixin's and we had a pot-luck feast.
Then, as Tina and Mitch headed north, Beth and I went a few miles south to try out the beach at El Requeson. Placid waters, and the kayaking was easy.
The beach extends along a sandbar that is covered at high tide, but dry at low tide and leads to an island.
 Looking back at the campground from the island.
At high tide you can float you kayak across the sandbar and paddle on the other side....or all the way around the big island. I had to carry Thistle across the first time. He agreed to wade back.
 Our site, sharing a palapa.
 Thistle's ready to ride.

 Manta Ray
 Nice flat waters.
 Floating past the mangroves yielded various herons...a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron,
 and a Black-crowned Night Heron.
 A sandpiper piping.
 Thistle watches the pelicans take off in front of us.
 and fly over our heads.
The pelicans are all sporting bright breeding colors.
 Eared grebes
 Beth and I headed around the island.

 If the water was warmer, snorkeling would be good here.
 Around that point of land is another campground with a restaurant that we went to for its WiFi.

Large scallops

 Red-headed ducks

 Time to relax
 Reading lots of books
This campground had many trails for dog-walking, hiking, and birding.
 This one leads over to another small secluded beach.
 Snowy egrets
 Cactus Wren
 South was another campground, called La Perla, and beyond that many 4-wheel drive roads that were good for dog-walking and birding.
 The palapas at La Perla looked like they were set up for long-term camping.
 Previous tenants had named them, added windows and shelves.
"Baja Waldorf"
 This Mexican couple appear to live contentedly in this rustic home.
 Where the living is simple and the fish are plenty.
 The old man carries firewood from his daily foraging.
 On the trails beyond La Perla.
 Western Jay
 This cactus crosscut would make a good cookie cutter.
 Gila Woodpecker
 Ladderback Woodpecker
 Chipmunk....only one I've seen in Baja
 Feeding the gulls
 The fishing boat has returned.
 Great-blue heron has a catch.
At low tide we crossed to the island without getting our feet wet.
 And followed a trail through the mangroves.
 Where the ground was peppered with tiny crabs. His hole is on the right of the leaf.
 The trail leads to the top of the island. You can see the campground in the background.
 View from the other side.
 Someone made a heart from the rocks.

 I climbed to the top.

 Cairn and trail marker at the summit.
 View from there
 They must have painted the house to match the blue of the sea.
 No need to leave the beach. Vendors come daily with anything you need. This one has blankets, pottery, clothes, and jewelry.
 Others bring fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, baked goods. Then there's the fresh fish, shrimp, scallops, and lobster...
Even an ice cream truck!
So we just stayed here and enjoyed seven sunrises.

Now we are back at Santispac for another few days, then we'll start slowly making our way north. Lots still to do and see along the way.


  1. To bad the water was to cold to go in, those scallops would have made a great dinner!

  2. Looks like one of the best places you have been. Really neat pictures, especially catching the manta ray. Too bad the water was cold.


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