Monday, January 6, 2014


New Year's Eve Tina and I stayed in a quiet campground not far from San Ignacio. In the morning we drove into this date palm oasis to see the old mission.
The mission de San Ignacio
We did not go inside because people were arriving for mass.
Then we drove to the coast of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) to join Beth and Mitch on the beach near Mulege. 
 Our sites on the beach. Mitch is to the left behind the rocks. 
Sunrise from my site the next morning.
Magnificent Frigatebirds were flying overhead.
This is a great place to kayak. We stayed here a week and will come again on our way back north.
 There are many offshore islands to explore.
 And people have different ways to explore them.
 The islands are covered with cactus gardens.
 Cactus blooms

 The islands are formed of volcanic rock and erosion has created many interesting rock shapes.
 Each island seems to have its own pair of Oystercatchers.
 Female Ladder-backed Woodpecker (I think)
 The water is very clear, and when a bit warmer will be a good snorkeling place. Some people are already swimming and snorkeling. I went once but thought it chilly.
 Tina, contemplating the rock formations.
Beth in her kayak.
 Snowy Egrets in front of our RVs.
 I believe these are Eared Grebes in their winter plumage.
 Another popular pastime.
 Another day, another island to explore.
 Brown pelican flying by.
 A first for me...the Blue-footed Booby.
 The Magnificent Frigatebird!
 There were two males exhibiting their stunning mating colors.
 And the female couldn't decide between this one...
 Or that one...
 Oh what to do, what to do???
 A sea lion popped up in front of my kayak.
 Looking back at the campground, and the road we drove down to it.
 Yes Thistle got to ride some too.
 Me and my kayoo...
 Tina and Mitch and their kayaks.
 A pair of Osprey nesting on one of the islands.
 And the dolphins cause quite a stir among all the birds.

 The Blue-footed Booby
 A Reddish Egret stirring the surf in front of our campsites.
Locals bring fresh fish to the campground and sell it. Beth bought some Halibut for our dinner. I bought fresh shrimp for tonight's dinner.
 Our Halibut cook-out.
 Tina, Beth and I all worked hard at getting our rigs clean.

 $50 (U.S.) for a wash and wax...sure beats the U.S. prices.
Tomorrow we will continue south and find more beaches. The weather has been wonderful. We're sympathizing with all those up north in the Big Chill, but we don't plan to join you soon.


  1. Very cool place! I loved seeing your Frigate birds, the Blue Footed Booby, and all those dolphins!! While you are enjoying beautiful temperatures, here in Georgia we are having NEGATIVE wind chill values and temps in single digits! School has been delayed 2 hours. I sure do miss sunny warm weather!

  2. It's great to see new places through your lens. Enjoy your trip - safe travels.


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