Monday, January 13, 2014

Playa Tecolote

When we arrived the beach and waters were calm and beautiful. 
 The dogs all loved their romp, and Stuart got his swim.
 The mountains behind us.
Our rigs on the beach. Beth is just arriving in this picture. 
But in the afternoon a parade of cars started cruising the beach in front of us. Some got stuck in the soft sand, a common mishap here. Our guide book cautioned us to walk in first to make sure we didn't drive on the soft sand. We did that.
But others didn't have the book or didn't heed that advice. We loaned this guy our leveling blocks to help him get out of his predicament. Some of our blocks are still buried there somewhere. We couldn't find them all.
Sunset last night. Groups of people gathered at each end of the beach and there was loud music. We decided to only stay one night.
This morning it was very windy. But I braved the gales to watch the seabirds at their breakfast buffet.
 There were Blue-footed Boobies, Royal Terns, Gulls, Frigatebirds, and Pelicans all vying for a meal in the surf.
 Gull chasing the Terns away.
 Blue-footed Booby diving.
 They hit the water like torpedoes.

 Fun to watch.
 A lone Great Blue Heron walked the shoreline.
 Sunrise over the mountains.
Tonight we are in Cuidad Constitucion, and will be making our way back to Playa Santispac near Mulege, where the kayaking was good, and the vendors kept us supplied with everything we needed. No internet there though, so until next time...

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