Saturday, January 11, 2014

Puerto San Carlos and La Paz

We made a side trip to Puerto San Carlos on the Pacific Coast for one night on our way to La Paz. 
 The best two things about it were the restaurant where we stayed,
 And the sunset.
They are known as a gray whale-watching destination, but none of our group was interested in that at this time.
So today we had a long drive to La Paz, back on the east side of Baja. This whale's tail is at the entrance of the city.
 We stayed at a campground near the city. Tina drove us to see the sights. La Paz is a big city (for Baja) with lots of traffic, a Walmart, and a pretty seaside drive/promenade.
 We drove the length of the seaside drive twice...coming and going.
 There are many sculptures along the promenade. This one is a fisherman with his net.
 Fishermen's boats along the shore, and perhaps some to rent.

 A skinny scuba diver sculpture....looks like Jacques Cousteau.
 Hammerhead sharks.
 Dolphins and mermaid.
 People going out to try stand-up paddleboarding.
A gull I guess.
Places to sit
 A gray whale

 Somebody's nice yacht.
 Sailboats at anchor.

 My favorite....the sailor in a sailor hat.
 Another mermaid.
After our waterfront tour we got our American fix at Burger King and Walmart. Tomorrow we head for a secluded beach near here for a few days. We'll probably not have internet service while there.

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